365 Drinks: #320 Blue Skye Hefeweizen (USA)

Blue Skye Hefeweizen
Blue Skye Hefeweizen

If you can find awesome beer in the middle of Kansas, you can find awesome beer ANYWHERE

It was time to leave Colorado and explore one of the most interesting American states: Kansas. Unfortunately we were too lazy to drive through the whole state in one go, so we decided to stop in Salina, a town just off the highway. And see there, the town had a brewpub that also served good looking pizza! Obviously I ordered one, paired with a Blue Skye Hefeweizen. The weizen had an orange cloudy body with a slim white creamy head. It smelled just like a Patrizier Weißbier, my first beer back in Germany. And to my surprise, it tasted almost exactly like a Patrizier Weißbier as well! It was very yeasty sweet with a hint of bubblegum/IPA-like after taste. Just like the German version. This is about as close to a traditional yeasty German wheat beer as you can get. It’s still not my favourite but it was nice to find it here in the middle of the USA and I enjoyed drinking it. I couldn’t find out what the percentage is but I am assuming it is 5.1 percent… just like the Patrizier.


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