365 Drinks: #321 Kansas City Bier House Dunkel (USA)

Kansas City Bier House Dunkel
Kansas City Bier House Dunkel

Finally, some good German beer

We continued our road trip further east for a stop over in Kansas City and after the Germany flashback from yesterday it seemed like German-style beer is just popping up everywhere. We found a German-style brewery near the place we were staying. Of course we had to go. I ordered some sauerkraut with sausage, a bretzel and a Kansas City Bier Company Dunkel. The 5 percent alt bier had a slightly cloudy brown body with a white creamy foam. It smelled slightly sour and sweet with hints of malt. The taste was a bit watery but also a tart and sweet malty. Nice and easy to drink especially being outside and enjoying the mild evening sun. A good beer and a good sidekick for the food.


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