365 Drinks: #323 Urban Chestnut O’Florians Irish Dry Stout (USA)

Urban Chestnut O’Florians Irish Dry Stout
Urban Chestnut O'Florians Irish Dry Stout

Check out that massive head

A nice and sunny day in St. Louis, perfect to check out some of the many awesome breweries in town. So we ended up going to the Urban Chestnunt brewery where I got myself an O’Florian’s Dry Irish Stout. The stout was dark cloudy with a fucking huge creamy beige head. Either the beer is super foamy or, what is more likely, the barkeeper is just an idiot. It smelled sweet-malty, like a proper stout. The taste was sweet, creamy and malty with a hint of tiramisu flavour. Easy to drink and quite nice, although a bit more carbonated than your regular stout. A bit weak with 4.2 percent but still a good beer and also suitable for a hot summer day.


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