365 Drinks: #328 Revolution Brewing’s El Hefe Loco (USA)

El Hefe Loco by Revolution Brewing
El Hefe Loco by Revolution Brewing

A great beer for true comrades

Today we found our way to another one of the many Chicago-based microbreweries, Revolution Brewing. The theme was a little bit Communist, which was perfect for us, and the extensive selection included a drink that immediately catched my eye. An El Hefe Loco German-style hefeweizen. It had a nice orange cloudy body with  a small white creamy head. The smell was yeasty citrusy with a hint of hops. It was easy to drink and had hints of citrus, yeast and banana flavours. On the website it is described as being “as traditional as it gets”, but coming from a German perspective I would say the banana flavours were too much and there was not enough yeast. But still a good effort. A nice balanced 5.4 percent wheat beer that was refreshing and reminded of home.

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