365 Drinks: #330 Jeppson’s Malört (USA)

Jeppson’s Malört
Jeppson's Malört

It was a scene that looked something like this

Today I went on the hunt for a drink that has been recommended to me on Reddit. A drink that originates in Sweden but made it’s way over to Chicago where a Swedish immigrant popularised it and sold the liqueur before starting to distil it by himself. At some point the distillery in Chicago closed and moved to Florida where it still is produced but apparently the drink is only available in Chicago. I am talking about Jeppson’s Malört.

I asked at a local dive bar for it and after the bar keeper asked me if I tried it before, he poured me and him a shot, congratulated me to my birthday (it wasn’t my birthday) and we drank. The pale clear amber-colored spirit started out with a mild grainy taste that turned into one of the most bitter liqueur that I have ever had. Even after my attempts to wash down the extreme bitterness with some beer, the taste stayed in my mouth. Way too bitter for my taste but at least I got it for free. It reminded me of Unicum but not as bad.


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