365 Drinks: #34 Peshtera Mastika (Bulgaria)

Peshtera Mastika
Pesthera Mastika

Nastrowje comrade

So out of Sofia to see the Soviet spaceship and go camping nearby. Another three- or four-hour drive underneath the hot Bulgarian sun. After two wines in a row I already decided before we left that I would get it over with and have a mastika. A Bulgarian aniseed liquor similar to the Greek ouzo or the Turkish raki. So after we arrived at the absolutely awesome old soviet headquarters, I pulled out the bottle and went into Bulgarian comrade mode.

I don’t like aniseed though. So already the first sniff after opening the bottle was not nice for me. Poured in a double shot into my glass and downed it all in two goes. After the second sip my gag reflex kicked in. So to the review. It is a hard clear liquor with aniseed taste that made me see black liquorice while drinking. Similar to ouzo but with 47% a bit stronger. I will probably give it another try (we bought a whole bottle) and mix it with water next time to see if it gets close to the pastis I had in France. But I guess it’s the kind of drink that you either love or hate.


The Breakdown

Alcoholic punch

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