365 Drinks: #344 Frankenmuth Brewery Old Detroit Amber Ale (USA)

Frankenmuth Brewing Old Detroit Amber Ale
Frankenmuth Brewing Old Detroit Amber Ale

Detroit-themed beer in front of Detroit’s most famous ruin. They might as well turn the train station into a tourist attraction at this point, like the Colosseum or something

Michigan’s city of Frankenmuth is home to one of the biggest year-round Christmas shops in the world. It was founded by Germans and is also nicknamed “Little Bavaria”. Obviously the city had a brewery as well, one of the oldest ones in this part of the United States. I never got to visit the city (he did his best to avoid it!) but I had the Frankenmuth Brewery Detroit Amber Ale.

The beer came in a small can with a car that is probably supposed to represent the old Model T that was produced in Detroit. It had a light brown reddish colour with a creamy, slightly beige head. The smell was very sweet malty and for some reason there is nothing that tells you how strong it is (a quick search online said that it is 5.6 percent). It had a higher carbonation than you would expect from an ale and tasted quite sweet but still crisp and easy to drink. The finish was slightly bitter but still not too much. A pretty good beer.. but why is a German brewery making an ale?


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