365 Drinks: #347 Great America Apple Pie Malt Liquor (USA)

Great American Apple Pie Malt Liquor
Great America Apple Pie Malt Liquor

Just like Uncle Billy Bob used to make…

Moonshine is a relic from America’s past but it still seems to be hip. A lot of times when I went to a supermarket or a liquor store, I saw these jars with booze in them that are supposed to resemble home made spirits. Obviously they don’t come from a bathtub deep in the woods of Louisiana but I thought I will still give it a try. So I bought myself some of this faux moonshine, a jar of Great America Apple Pie. This 14 percent malt liquor had a light brown cloudy body with a white foamy head. It smelled just as expected, like apple pie with hints of raisins and cinnamon. The taste was a bit weird. It really tasted like apple pie, a lot of apple and cinnamon flavours that somehow reminded me of the windmill cinnamon cookies that you usually eat around Christmas. All this was finished with a bit weird alcoholic taste to it. Overall the taste wasn’t all too bad but, still a bit weird to drink and not really my favourite flavour to get drunk on.


The Breakdown

Alcoholic Punch

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