365 Drinks: #35 Targovishte White Vermouth (Bulgaria)

Tragovishte Vermouth
Tragovishte Vermouth

Cake n’ vermouth, good combination

After a rather rough night of camping, including moving the tent from our camp spot on top of a mountain to avoid getting hit by lightning, we were ready to go to Bucharest. Well not exactly… After a planned stop in Ruse, a city right on the Bulgarian/Romanian border, I checked my mails and got notified that our passports were still in Sofia. A fucking four-hour drive away. Great. So we stay the night in Ruse and get the passports send via courier. It turned out to be quite a nice night though. We went to a restaurant with cheap Bulgarian food and on the menu I found Bulgarian vermouth. After the good experience I had with Ukrainian vermouth last year, I thought I give it a try.

I ordered a regular Bulgarian shot (50ml!!!) of Targovishte winery’s version of a white vermouth.  It smells delicious and reminded me of the green water ice cream I used to eat when I was a kid. The taste was sweet but not too much, which made it easy to drink. It had 18% of alcohol, not that much, but a bigger sip warmed me up. A good start for the vermouth section.


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