365 Drinks: #352 Short’s Brewing Bludgeon Yer Eye Black Ale (USA)

Short’s Brewing Bludgeon Yer Eye Black Ale
Short's Brewing Bludgeon Yer Eye Black Ale

A place where one might indeed get their eye bludgeoned

Michigan really has a lot of great breweries, one of them being Short’s Brewing Company from Bellaire (a place I don’t know but people from Michigan can probably point out on their hand). Today I had their Bludgeon Yer Eye Indian Black Ale. This 6.2 percent ale had a dark cloudy body with a large, big-bubbled and dark beige head. It smelled very hoppy like a proper IPA. The taste was very hoppy and bitter just like an IPA, but with a malty note to it that reminded me of a porter. All this was rounded up with a slightly sour finish. Quite a good mixture, but a bit too bitter for my taste.


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