365 Drinks: #353 Bellwoods Brewery Stout (Canada)

Bellwoods Brewery Stout
Bellwoods Brewery Stout

Too bad the taproom was super pretentious and overpriced… we found full, delicious pints for $2 cheaper down the road..

We decided to take a little break from the USA and head south(!) into Canada, making our way up to Toronto into the great white north. It wasn’t too long of a drive from Detroit so we arrived right in time for happy hour drinks. We made our way to the nearby Bellwoods Brewery where I tried their stout. This 5 percent stout came in a goblet and had a dark body with a creamy slightly beige head.It smelled sweet malty creamy, really nice. The stouts consistency was not as creamy as anticipated but still tasted awesome. It was sweet malty creamy and reminded me of the Left Hand Milk Stout I had in St. Louis. An awesome beer.

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