365 Drinks: #357 Pabst Blue Ribbon (USA)

Pabst Blue Ribbon
Pabst Blue Ribbon

$2 for a beer in New York… can’t argue with that

Today we made it to New York City. Even before we arrived we learned that it won’t be cheap to spend the weekend there. We couldn’t find anything cheaper on Airbnb than $60, the bridge toll to get to Brooklyn was out of this world, and the parties that were on just weren’t affordable. So we decided to at least give it a try to keep it cheap and checked out one of the cheapest bars around that we found online, a comic-themed dive bar called Gotham City Lounge. We had to use a buzzer to get in, and when we arrived they were played the old Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie and had $2 PBRs. So it is finally happening, Pabst Blue Ribbon beer.

This 4.7 percent lager beer had a light yellow body with a small white head and smelled slightly sweet and grainy, but basically not like much. The taste was watery but with a light malty flavours and a crisp slightly bitter finish. Not a great beer but I still prefer it over Budweiser, and it’s the only way to get a bit tipsy without spending a fortune in New York City.


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