365 Drinks: #36 Zaganu Bruna (Romania)

Zaganu Bruna
Zaganu Bruna

Ahh… good ole beer

We got pretty drunk Friday night. And we got our passports back the next day!!! What a relief. Bucharest here we come. The drive wasn’t that long but I was pretty tired and still hungover from the day before when we arrived. But no matter what, I have to drink. So after a bit of research what’s available in town, we found out that Bucharest has a reasonable number of good beer bars. So how about a dark micro-brew beer?

I tried the Zaganu bruna, a Romanian craft beer by Fabrica De Bere Buna that had an awesome red eagle logo on it’s glass. The beer was dark colored with a hint of red in it. It was not too foamy and smelled pretty malty. The taste was sweet and malty but also had a distinct iron note to it. It was pretty easy to drink although the alcohol content is 7.1%. It was an ok beer for the night but the iron flavour was a bit too much for me.


The Breakdown

Alcoholic punch

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