365 Drinks: #361 Church Brew Works Bazaar Berliner (USA)

Church Brew Works Bazaar Berliner
Church Brew Works Bazaar Berliner

“And on the eighth day… Man created Beer!”

Our way back to Detroit led us to Pittsburgh today. We arrived for a late lunch and decided to stay for a cold beer before driving the last six hours back. Doing our research beforehand we knew where to go. Church Brew Works, a brewery that bought an old church and turned it into its taproom. A more than awesome idea. We entered this huge old building—with its brew tanks instead of organs and dining tables instead of pews—and I ordered a Bazaar Berliner Weisse.

Berliner Weisse is of course a type and brand of beer in Germany, but it’s weak on alcohol and not very good. I decided to try this one anyway. This 5.4 percent sour had a slightly cloudy rosé-like body and almost no head. It smelled a bit sour and like raspberries. The taste was just as expected: super sour and tart but with hints of raspberry and fruits. I really got to like sour beers because they are refreshing and nice on a hot summer day, and this beer is not different. Pretty awesome and much better than the German version.


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