365 Drinks: #365 Valentine Vodka (USA)

Valentine Vodka
Valentine Vodka

Celebrating 365 unique drinks from around the world. BOOM!!

And boom goes the dynamite. 365 Drinks in 365 Days. Here is my last one. Something that I actually like: vodka.

This vodka was made by the micro distillery Valentine from Detroit. A premium vodka that was a bit expensive, but apparently one of the few in the world that are produced with a mixture of grains (corn, wheat and barley). It was obviously clear and, at 40 percent, also a potent vodka. It had a slightly fruity aroma with metallic hints. The taste was creamy and sweet with only a mild alcoholic tang, and it had a slightly spicy aftertaste that didn’t last long. You definitely don’t need a chaser for this one. An awesome vodka with character and a worthy choice for number 365.

This is it. My mission is complete. But just like a runner who doesn’t stop at the finish line, I give myself some time to get acclimatised to not drinking. So I will go the extra mile and continue drinking every day until we get to my parent’s house in Germany to one full circle of drinking around the world. Stay tuned for 365+.


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