365 Drinks: #37 Ursus Nepasteurizat (Romania)

Ursus Nepasteurizat
Ursus Nepasteurizat

Lots of good beer bars in Bucharest

After failing to find a Bulgarian absinthe in Sofia, I wanted to give it another try. This time, Bucharest. With around 1.9 million people the 12th largest city (by population) in Europe. There must be something. And indeed, I found an absinthe bar in the heart of old town Bucharest. So we went there to find out that the bar is only open in winter. Uff…. Ok, so change of plans. It has to be another bar nearby, maybe they have absinthe. Luckily there are loads of nice looking bars with good alcohol selection in Bucharest. And we found a bar, Biutiful, that even had their own micro brewed beer. So another beer today.

Ursus Nepasteurizat, brewed in the tanks behind me. It had a malty smell and was pretty flat. The taste was also malty with a nice mixture between sweetness and bitterness. A pretty good beer when it comes to hot summer nights.

And in the end we even found absinthe on the bar’s menu. Unfortunately not a Romanian one but we ordered two anyway. We were asked if we want the strong one or a weaker one. Well it’s absinthe, so bring out the strong stuff. We were surprised about the color (brown) and smell (amaretto like). We drank it and it was definitely strong. But surely no absinthe as I know it. So I asked the bartender what kind of absinthe it was and he showed me the bottle. A freshly opened bottle of Stroh 80 Rum from Austria. Nice. I paid and went back out to our table. Shortly after the bartender came out with another round of the strong “absinthe”. “It’s on me” he said. Needless to say that we didn’t get home sober after two double shots of 80% RUM.


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