365 Drinks: #38 Unirea (Romania)

Euroavipo Unirea
Euroavipo Unirea

Just another Romanian homeless in the park

It seems like Bucharest is not as big in homemade and unique Romanian high percentage liquor as I expected it to be. After the failed hunt for Romanian Absinth I just wanted something strong. After checking several bars for something interesting we decided to move on to the most promising looking venue. A restaurant/club/pub (Fabrica Club) that looked similar to Metelkova in Ljubljana on the first glance. On the second look, the promised fussball table wasn’t there, billiard closed, and grumpy waitress that didn’t understand my thirst for Romanian drinks: “We don’t have Romanian drink, only Ciuk beer.” Well damnit then, Semi went on a mission to find something for me at the nearest off licence. An act of pure desperateness.

She came back with some… well stuff. Unirea. Rhymes with gonorrhoea? A brandy I guess? It has a smell mixed between vanilla and strong rubbing alcohol and had an amber cognac look. The taste was similar to the smell, vanilla and rubbing alcohol with an intense aftertaste. Not really nice. But at least it was cheap as fuck and the bottle had a raffle code on the side to win more of that crap. The Romanian wikipedia page for the company “Euroavipo” translated into English says:

Brand Union [Unirea] was launched in December 2001, without promoted, targeting an audience of low-income men.

Yeah sounds about right.


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