365 Drinks: #40 Timisoreana Brun (Romania)

Timisoreana Brun
Timisoreana Brun

Park bench beer, living the true homeless life

Bleh, Draculas castle was bit of a disappointment. Loads of tourists, Vlad the impaler didn’t even live there, everybody tries to sell you crap. We’ve seen enough. Off to the Black Sea! Unfortunately it was a 4.5-hour drive away. But after that long drive under the hot sun, the beer would taste much better!!! Wrong!

I bought a Timisoareana Brun (stupid enough to get it before we drove off), a dark beer from the Timisoara region in the north west of Romania. It was piss warm by the time I opened it. The beer smelled super malty and was light brown. Drinking it revealed that it is quite foamy and as the scent already suggested, malty. With the 5% it was also not as strong as I thought it would be when I bought it (didn’t check it before). Overall the beer is probably quite good, but warm dark beer? Bleh indeed.

(I told you to put it in the fridge first!!)


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