365 Drinks: #42 Homemade Grape Rakija (Bulgaria)

Bulgarian Grape Rakija
Bulgarian Grape Rakija

Me and my beloved rakija

Making our way further down the Bulgarian coastline. So the days plan was to do some work then relax on the beach and have some nice fish for dinner. When I asked our host in the hostel where we could get some nice fresh fish he responded well. “Fish? I would really like to see how you make it. You bring the fish and I bring salad and home made rakija”. Deal.

So today I had some home made Bulgarian grape rakija. According to our host it had 50% and we were drinking it out of small tumblers with ice and a glass of water (the water is “Bulgarian style” he said). The rakija had a slight yellow shimmer and smelled like strong alcohol. The taste was pretty good. It definitely wasn’t as sweet as the most common sliva rakija that we had but still pretty awesome. It didn’t feel super strong and the ice thinned it out a bit and made it cool. Which made it more drinkable than a double shot of pure warm. We started at 5pm with salad and rakija and by 12am managed 1,5l divided by three persons. Man I love rakija.


The Breakdown

Alcoholic punch

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