365 Drinks: #45 Sümer Ale (Turkey)

Sümer Ale
Sümer Ale


Arrived safely in Istanbul! The drivers are more than crazy here. Driving through the inner city makes you feel you are in constant danger. But we made it and after arriving at our accommodation the research began. Where can we find a good bar in Istanbul? Is there any special kind of drink? For the start we decided to go to one of Istanbul’s only microbrew pubs, Bosphorus Brewing Company. Pretty fancy pub where we could order our beer via iPad that was given to us when we entered the pub. Awesome! So I ordered the Sümer Ale. Funny enough, a wheat beer.

It had a dark golden color and smelled pretty citrusy and full of flavour. Drinking it revealed that it has a nice refreshing fine foam. It had a citrus taste that reminded of an ale. I guess this is where the beers name comes from. There was also a spicy coriander flavor that made it taste exotic. An average alcohol content of 5% but overall pretty tasty. Definitely not your normal wheat beer and a good start for booze in Turkey.


The Breakdown

Alcoholic punch

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