365 Drinks: #46 Bomonti (Turkey)


Jase came for a visit! WOOO

Istanbul is hot! And hilly! Means we had an exhausting day exploring the city a bit. And we actually experienced for once after all the travelling we had so far that getting my daily dose of alcohol could get a bit difficult. First bar we found sold us 33cl bottles of Efes for €4 (ouch), after that we made our way to the more lively area near Taksim Square. Cheaper drinks but not really what I was looking for for my drink of the day. So after all this we decided to split up, find drinks and get back together and drink on Taksim Square. And the winner was….

Bomonti lager. The beer comes in a shot can (25cl) or a bottle (50cl). It smelled pretty malty and reminded me of Karamalz, the German 0% alcohol beer for kids. It had a fine foam and was smooth to drink. It didn’t have much of a taste, just a malty touch with loads of water. The aftertaste was basically non existent. With a bit lower alcohol content of 4.8% and the watery properties of the beer, its pretty good for hot days.


The Breakdown

Alcoholic punch

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