365 Drinks: #47 Turkish house red (Turkey)

Turkish house red
Turkish house red

Wine and beer das lob ich mir

The day didn’t really started as planned. We wanted to take a ferry boat to Bursa to get out of Istanbul for a while but we couldn’t move our car. The street we parked our car at has a Wednesday street market. So by the time we showed up to start driving, our poor little Jagger was surrounded by tomatoes, trucks and busy salesmen. Shit. We got told that we have to wait till around 8pm or 9pm when the market is finished before we can move the car. So another day in Istanbul I guess. Luckily we could stay in our room for another night. After all that drama we just had to go and get a drink. This time we tried our luck on the Asian side of Istanbul. We found a nice little bar and found something on the menu that looked promising. But after ordering Sarap, it turned out to be wine. Turkish house wine to be precise (the glass on the right. 😉

It had a dark red color and a mild sweet and fruity smell. The taste started nicely as sour and fruity, and it went down smoothly. There wasn’t really any aftertaste so the wine was pretty easy to drink. I’m not sure about the alcohol content but I guess it was around 12-13%. It was overall a nice red wine, I hope it wasn’t the last Turkish wine I will find.


The Breakdown

Alcoholic punch

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