365 Drinks: #48 Zencefil Vodka (Turkey)

Ginger lemon vodka
Ginger lemon vodka

Yummy shot

The market is over and we made it out of Istanbul! Jagger is undamaged and we didn’t had to pay any penalty! All good. So we took a ferry boat to Yalova south of Istanbul and then drove further to Bursa. Checking out online what Bursa has to offer when it comes to drinking revealed that we basically just have one option. High Out, a nice little bar between the new and old town of Bursa. So we asked if they had any special Turkish drinks and they came up with this.

A vodka shot mixed with lemon, ginger, honey and a special ingredient that they wouldn’t tell us. It smelled like ginger ale and looked like passion fruit juice. The taste was very citrusy and sour with a touch of ginger in it. At the same time it was quite sweet but also not too thick. I’m not sure how much alcohol there was in the drink but it didn’t taste too strong. It was quite a nice drink–couldn’t figure out the special ingredient though.


The Breakdown

Alcoholic punch

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