365 Drinks: #52 Angora dry red (Turkey)

Angora dry red
Angora dry red

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Still feeling not in best shape. The drinking over the last week and especially the weekend took its toll. Luckily we had to get out of the hotel and do visa stuff. Means queueing up for 3 hours in a hectic embassy. After that we got the car and sat in a cafe to search for places to stay for the night. And we even found a good cheap hostel in the city center. So we booked it online and made our way there. Got there, got told to come back in an hour since room is not ready. Ok, got back in an hour, turns out they gave the room to someone else. Urg. So off to another hostel. I think I don’t have to mention that we were pretty stressed out by that point. And I still didn’t want to drink anything. But hey, I think a glass of wine will help with the stress. So off to the corner shop and get a bottle of Angora red wine.

The wine is mixed of cabernet sauvignon, alicante (?), merlot and carignan grapes from Izmir. It had a sweet and fruity smell which was not too intense. The color was dark red. The taste was similar to the aroma, sweet and fruity but a little bit dry. Still easy to drink though, which surprised me in this state of mind. Overall a nice red wine and with 14% also one of the more potent ones.


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