365 Drinks: #54 Tilsim Chardonnay (Turkey)

TIlsim Chardonnay
Tilsim Chardonnay

Pic had to be taken the day after

So last couple of hours in Istanbul. Visiting the old city wall and picking up my Iranian visa (YESSS). But unfortunately the whole thing took longer than expected. We found ourselves on the wrong side of Istanbul during rush hour and we planned to be in Ankara by 10pm. So we thought about it shortly and then took a ferry boat to Yalova just to go back to Izmit and then take the motorway to Ankara. When we finally got to Ankara it was 1am. Getting lost in Ankara and finding a hotel took two hours. We were really tired after all this so we went straight to bed. But I didn’t have my drink yet! So get out of bed again and go to the car where I stashed it since we bought it in Istanbul.

Tilsim Chardonnay Emir. A very light white wine. Smells quite sweet and sour. The taste was fruity at the beginning with a sour flavor to it. The aftertaste was slightly bitter but not too much. Although I downed the glass almost in one go since I wanted to go sleep, I thought the wine was not that bad. Light, easy to drink and for Turkey pretty cheap. Nice slumber drink.


The Breakdown

Alcoholic punch

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