365 Drinks: #55 Efes Ustasından Yüksek Alkollü Fıçı (Turkey)

Efes fici
Efes fici

Pirate cat! And yes I know I am wearing the same shirt for three days

We didn’t have the most spectacular day today. Waking up, getting food and finding a cafe with wifi. After that we went to one of the huge Carrefours that Ankara has to offer to stock up on drinks… just in case. The selection was not bad. Not a lot of foreign drinks and everything a bit expensive. We learned from our host here, Turkey is making it harder and harder for alcohol lovers since 2013. No advertisement of alcohol allowed anywhere, and a lot more taxes. Bummer. We still packed our little cart full with beer and wine. Out of the assortment we bought, I decided to go for a beer.

Efes fici strong. The draft version of Efes in a stylish can. Also a bit stronger than the normal lager at 6.1%. It had a sweet malty smell and a proper yellow color. It had a fine white foam and was pretty fizzy. The taste was sweet and malty with a hint of chewing gum. You couldn’t taste the higher percentage on it, but I could feel that it was more than the usual Efes I had so often by now. Overall a nice addition to the Efes assortment and a good beer for a hot evening.


The Breakdown

Alcoholic punch

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