365 Drinks: #56 Kayserkaya Nar Sarabi (Turkey)

pomegranate wine
pomegranate wine

Nar… gNARly

More visa stuff today. This time for Uzbekistan. Getting to the embassy was a pain in the ass since Ankara is a pretty good city for getting lost when driving. Even after our third day in the city we couldn’t really figure out how to get there in one go. And people still don’t really get the question “Where are we here? Can you show it to us on the map?” They are friendly and ask us where we want to go and try to help but we still don’t know where we are. We decided to cook in the evening and while shopping for stuff we found the “perfect” drink of the day. A Turkish pomegranate wine!

It had a slightly cloudy brown/reddish color and smelled super sweet with a hint of plastic. The drink itself was quite thick, or at least it felt that way when drinking it. The taste was mainly just like sweet syrup and cough medicine with a bit of alcohol. With 12% alcohol it was one of the stronger fruit wines we’ve seen so far. Overall the wine was pretty shit. Especially for dinner.

(If anyone wants half a bottle of pomegranate wine, please contact us)


The Breakdown

Alcoholic punch

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