365 Drinks: #57 Efes Light (Turkey)

Efes Light
Efes Light

Nothing like a light beer after doing manly shit like collecting wood

We left Ankara quite late on Saturday with the goal to reach Cappadocia by evening and sleep in a cave. But half way there we realised that this wasn’t a great idea. It was already getting dark and finding a cave to sleep in while it’s pitch black? Not the best idea. So we decided to just find a nice spot to pitch our tent and camp. And we actually found a good spot! On a hill near a Syrian refugee camp. Unfortunately no firewood though. So off we go, get some wood, strap it on our good ole Jagger and off we go. I decided to have a Efes Light as a drink of the day. Why? I was thirsty and that stuff is like water.

It looks light golden and has almost no smell. It tasted more like carbonated water than anything else. The only thing reminding of beer was the slightly malty taste and the fizzy foam. I guess it’s not bad for a light beer. But. It’s a light beer.


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