365 Drinks: #59 Efes Özel Harman Malt (Turkey)

Efes Özel Harman Malt
Efes Özel Harman Malt

Did you know the Flintstones were muslim??

Today was rather boring. Unfortunately Semi catched something and had to rest in bed with a bit of fever. :/ Which means I had time to do some work, have a look around in town and drink beer. Luckily we still have a stash of beer in our little Jagger just waiting for me. Today I decided to have another Efes. One of the many. This time a malty one. Efes Özel Harman Malt.

It smelled sweet and malty with a hint of metal that probably came from the can. It looked clear and golden and was not too fizzy. The taste was sweet malty and a bit smokey with a hint of wood in it. Not a bad beer but not my favorite, and the scenery made it much better to drink.


The Breakdown

Alcoholic punch

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