365 Drinks: #60 Serikaya Bogazkere & Öküzgözü (Turkey)

Serikaya Red
Serikaya Red

That’s what I call a full glass

So today we visited an underground city. Pretty impressive and pretty deep. They even had a winery down there! Inspired by that, we drove to our hotel in Ürgüp. Apparently a big city when it comes to wine making in the area. So we decided to go out for a stroll in the evening to find some nice vino. And we weren’t disappointed. We found a little wine shop run by a family that sells their own wine, Mahzen Şarap Evi. So we ordered two glasses of red with some cheese.

Sarikaya Bogazkere & Öküzgözü from 2006. The dry wine had a dark red color. The aroma was not particularly fruity nor sour but had influences of both. The taste was heavy but still good, a bit sour but not bitter. The aftertaste was really nice, with a slight sourness but not to intense. Just like a home made wine, the alcohol content wasn’t quite clear. Between 11 and 13%. A really nice wine and the local cheese made it even better.

We were lucky to be the only customers since we got to try the owners home made tomatoes, their home made ajvar (still warm!!) and their freshly roasted aubergine. Everything was super delicious! The experience was rounded up with a whole cat family living with the wine makers. We were happy (and bought a bottle of wine).


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