365 Drinks: #61 Krocabag Beyaz Sek (Turkey)

Krocabag white
Krocabag white

VIno blanco mon amour?

Last time cappadocian caves. We decided to visit Ilhara valley near Aksaray. Awesome landscape with a lot of Christian history and the turks title it the Turkish Grand Canyon. It was pretty nice. With all that beautiful nature in mind we wanted to camp. Bad for us that there was a storm coming up. So we thought “Why not camp in a cave?”. After two hours of searching for the right spot, finding it and looking for firewood, it was pitch black. Only the lightning gave some light every now and then. So we decided to look for a room to stay in the nearby village. And we found a banging one. To celebrate this, we opened up a bottle of Cappadocian white wine. Woo.

Kocabag white wine. The wine is made out of various Cappadocian grapes. It smells sour with a hint of dampness reminding of Riesling. It looked watery golden. The taste was not too dry, it was sour but not really sweet nor bitter. The aftertaste was mild with a touch of sourness. Overall a nice white wine but I think I’m going to stick with the reds.


The Breakdown

Alcoholic punch

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