365 Drinks: #63 Istanblue Vodka (Turkey)

Istanblue Vodka
Istanblue Vodka

How bout some cheese for that vodka?

We left Ankara with our Uzbekistan visa in our pockets and headed towards Samsun in the north of Turkey. Google told us it is a six-hour drive, and it was already getting quite late. So we decided to have a stop in the city of Çorum. Never heard of it? Us neither. And there is not much going on here. We had to to decide between two bars in the city center (the city has 230,000 citizens). One looked like an old geezer club, the second one seemed allright. So we went for the second one and ordered a raki for the drink of the day. Unfortunately the bar didn’t serve raki. So after a bit of thinking I ordered a shot of Istanblue vodka.

Back to normal shot sizes (25ml) in Turkey, the vodka was clear as expected. It reminded me of rubbing alcohol when I first smelled it. Out of experience I expected something bad. Drinking it revealed the opposite. It was quite smooth and easy to drink with a sweet aftertaste. One of the better vodkas I had. Surprisingly good. Who would have thought the Turks make good Vodka?


The Breakdown

Alcoholic punch

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