365 Drinks: #64 Yeni Raki (Turkey)

Yeni Raki
Yeni Raki

Raki and Liverpool… really?!

So we made it up to Samsun. Quite a nice city by the Black Sea in north turkey. We arrived, got some tea, had a look around and got our first parking ticket in Turkey! It really took us a while and we probably should have gotten one earlier but hey. After the short sightseeing tour we enjoyed dinner with our hosts and made our way to a bar. The nightlife is for sure more buzzing than the one in Çorum. A lot of bars to choose from. Our hosts took us to their favourite one, probably the only Liverpool pub in all of Turkey. And I finally finally had a Yeni Raki, the classic and most popular raki in Turkey.

It came as usual with ice and water to be mixed since even raki lovers don’t usually drink that shit pure. Smelled like a liquorice factory and looked like Turkish ayran with water in it. Tasted not as bad as the Tekirdag Raki but that doesn’t mean it was good. It still tasted strongly like aniseed with an alcohol kick to it. But the intensity of the aniseed flavor and the alcoholic harshness was less. At least it was 45%, but aniseed liquor has never been my friend and never will be.


The Breakdown

Alcoholic punch

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