365 Drinks: #68 Kozlovich Gold (Georgia)

Kozlovich gold
Kozlovich gold

That’s how a beer should look like

Surprise!!! No more beard for me! New country, new face. We finally made it out of Turkey. Still on the Black Sea coast and it’s raining pretty bad. The drive was very scenic though. I felt like being in Jurassic Park with all the high cliffs and the huge waves. We arrived at our first stop in Gerogia, Batumi, and were excited. First time since ages that we won’t eat Turkish food and we will have cheap drinks and lots of bars. So we headed out to the local brewery that has a bar/restaurant. We weren’t disappointed.

I got the Kozlovich Gold. One of the three choices in the restaurant. 500ml was about €1!!! It had a creamy white foam and looked like it came straight out of a beer advertisement. The smell was slightly metallic almost vinegary. The taste was mild and hoppy with a sweet note to it that made it almost a bit fruity sour. Overall a great beer to start with, and I’m excited to be in a country with a great drinking culture. Oh and look at them dumplings!!!!


Awesome massive dumplings!!!


The Breakdown

Alcoholic punch

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