365 Drinks: #7 Zwack Unicum (Hungary)

Zwack Unicum
Cue the Hungarian national anthem

Cue the Hungarian national anthem

“Unicum in Hungary is not just a drink but a national treasure.” (From the Zwack Unicum English website)

National treasure my ass. So far the worst drink I had. Still hungover as hell from Thursday, hoping to get over it by eating an awesome burger at Szimpla, the same that I had last time I was in town. The burger changed (smaller, different bread, different toppings) but my hangover didn’t really. After that little failure I got convinced by a “friend” that I have to try the traditional Hungarian liquor that most Hungarians love. Although nobody who convinced me to drink it liked it either. The smell reminded of the cheap shit herb liquors you can find in any gas station between Austria and the UK. Downing it in one go gave me an instant gag reflex. It is bitter as hell. And not just for the time you have the liquid in your mouth. It took more than a whole beer to wash the bitterness out of my mouth. Definitely won’t recommend.


The Breakdown

Alcoholic punch

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