365 Drinks: #70 Zedazeni lager (Georgia)

Zadazeni lager
Zadazeni lager

Hooray for beer

Today we decided to go a bit deeper into the Caucasus region. We were driving a lot and the roads were pretty bad but at least the scenery was beautiful. It took six or seven hours to drive only 250 kilometers, and when we made it to our goal town we couldn’t find anything nice to see. After all the driving we were quite exhausted and not really in the mood for experiments. So we decided to go to the local “Beer Bar” to have some food and a drink. So the drink of the day was a beer. Obviously when going to a bar called “Beer Bar”.

I ordered a Zadazeni lager. The beer came in an awesome-looking bottle. It was watery yellow colored and not so foamy. It smelled fruity and metallic hoppy. It tasted a bit sweet hoppy and sour with a slightly bitter aftertaste. Not a bad beer.

Tried to get Mook to elaborate but it didn’t work. “It smelled hoppy, and metallic, and fruity!”


The Breakdown

Alcoholic punch

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