365 Drinks: #71 Natakhtari Lager (Georgia)

Natakhtari lager
Natakhtari lager

Efes… even the Georgian outlet makes shit beer

Making our way down to Tbilisi. We heard a good German DJ is in town and after all it’s Saturday and we want to dance. So we had a bit of a rest in our hostel and prepared ourselves with some beer and vodka shots before heading out to the club. I didn’t have any particular drink in mind but I thought the club surely offers chacha, the locals favorite spirit. I was wrong. First stop inside the club was the bar, and I didn’t like what the barkeeper told me. Georgian chacha? No. Georgian beer? No. Georgian wine? No. Uff…. means there is no way in hell I can get my drink of the day in the club. Luckily our pre-drinks consisted of Georgian beer I haven’t had so far. So my drink of the day is Natakhtari lager.

Natakhtari is apparently a Georgian brewery that belongs to Efes, yaay another god damn Efes brand… I have the feeling Efes is hunting me since we entered Turkey. The beer itself smelled quite sweet and malty. It was not too foamy and had a pale yellow color. The taste was super sweet and malty, for my taste way too sweet and malty. It wasn’t planned as the drink of the day and I ended up reviewing another shit beer… At least the party was good.


The Breakdown

Alcoholic punch

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