365 Drinks: #73 Marani Chardonnay Chacha (Georgia)

Marani Chardonney Chacha
Marani Chardonney Chacha

Thai food and grape vodka, what a combination

After three days in Tbilisi, we finally managed to get some sightseeing done. It’s a nice city with crazy new architecture, an old fortress and some huge monasteries. Perfect day for a Georgian dinner? Wrong. We love dumplings and cheese bread but we needed a change. So we went out to get some Thai food. It was spicy and delicious and made me get into the mood to have my first chacha of the week.

I was able to get the last shot that was still in their bottle of Marani Chardonnay Chacha. It came in quite a big shot glass (50cl) and was clear. It smelled sweetish nutty almost like marzipan. The taste was smooth and slightly sweet at the beginning, but the strong alcoholic aftertaste revealed that the drink is actually quite strong. Especially after downing the whole shot I could feel a warm alcohols stream running down my chest. Overall a bit too harsh of an aftertaste and definitely not the same as the Italian grappa.


The Breakdown

Alcoholic punch

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