365 Drinks: #74 Bagrationi Vintage 2010 Reserve (Georgia)

Bagrationi vintage 2010
Bagrationi vintage 2010

Sparkling wine time!

Today we did went out to see uncle Stalin’s museum in Gori. It was a bit of a drive and the museum had it’s ups and downs. We stopped by the only mall in Tiblisi on the way back to go shopping. So I also took the opportunity to go shopping for my drink of the day. And since I didn’t have any sparkling wine yet and the bottle was pretty cheap and good looking, I couldn’t resist. So here is my review of the Bagrationi Vintage 2010 Reserve semi dry sparkling wine. It is made out of the Tsitska, Chinuri and Mtsvane grapes.

First of all, the bottle was about 3.50€ and looked “fancy”. Opening the bottle was a disappointment. I might did it wrong but the obligatory cork pop turned into a fart-like silent gas release. The content was pretty clear and much paler than the sparkling wine I know. It smelled also sweeter than your usual semi dry. Drinking it revealed what the missing pop already suggested, it was not as fizzy as you expect it from a sparkling wine. The bubbles were quite big and not as many. The taste was quite sweet with a distinct sour note with the lack of bitterness. That made it quite easy to drink and I have to say that it was one of the better sparkling wines I had in my life. Not what I expected, a bit different to your normal sparkling wine, but overall not too bad.


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