365 Drinks: #75 Khareba Mtsvane 2011 – Khaketian style (Georgia)

Khareba Mtsvane
Khareba Mtsvane

That was wine number five in total, but by far not the last

So today we wanted to see some real wine action. We got us a room for the night in Sighnaghi in the heart of Georgia’s wine and food stronghold. When we arrived around 1pm we got greeted by grapes, wine and a shot of chacha. I liked it there from the first minute. After a chat with the owner of the guesthouse we decided to go for a wine tour to the 40km away wine factory then a visit in a famous wine cave cellar topped at the end with a visit in a wine museum. All 3 come with wine samples of course. So it was easy what my drink of the day would be. Wine. Here my review to the first wine sample we got in the wine cave.

We got served a 2011 Khareba Mtsvane dry white wine. It is a special kind of wine since it is manufactured in the old Georgian “Khaketian” way, in a huge clay jug that is embedded in the ground. The wine has a darker piss yellow color (this comes from the process of using all grape skin in the production of this, compared to the European style where only 20% are used). It had a slightly sweet smell and was chilled. Ready for me to pretend I know stuff about wine and try it. It was sour at the beginning with a slight sweet note that turned into a bit harsher biter aftertaste. It had around 12.5% and felt stronger than your usual white wine. A decent wine but I enjoyed the countless chacha shots that we had at our third stop much more.


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