365 Drinks: #77 365 Wines Quince wine (Armenia)

365 Wines Quince wine
365 Wines Quince wine


So today is the day, we are going to head south to Armenia. The border crossing was interesting, we had to register our car and pay the dude who stamped the certificate extra?! Anyways, we made it over the border and a four-hour drive through the Armenian mountains was in front of us. We saw high mountains and old Soviet chemical factories, until we finally hit Yerevan, the Armenian capital. To describe it in one word, it is brown. Not really big but it offered some places to eat and drink. So after the long drive we decided to go exploring and get my well deserved drink of the day. And something catched my eye in the nearby supermarket. 365 Wines‘ quince wine.

It comes in an awesome looking hard plastic quince that lays in your hand like a hand grenade. Trying to open that thing brought us to a problem. It was sealed with plastic and had a small cork underneath it. So I used my mouth to bite the plastic off and keyed the cork in. After finally opened, it revealed a quite a plastic smell. So to the taste… and of course I was drinking it out of the quince. It was sour and sweet with an disgusting plastic biter aftertaste. Maybe because the wine was too long in the plastic quince, maybe because there were plastic bits floating around in it from when I bite the top of but the main impression was plastic.  So to the roundup… it was hard to open, smelled like plastic, it was way too little in the container and it just tasted like shit plastic. BOOOOOO.


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