365 Drinks: #78 Ararat Five Star Cognac (Armenia)

Ararat Five Star Cognac
Ararat Five Star Cognac

Drinking fine Armenian cognac in a bar that looks like a stoner’s bedroom

So our first proper day in Armenia. Time to explore the city. We strolled around the Saturday fleamarket, saw the many monasteries and visited the Mother Armenia statue. It was a lot of walking so we were a bit tired. But it was Saturday afterall. So we made our way to the most interesting bar we could find, Calumet Ethnic Lounge Bar (check it out if you’re in Armenia!). We entered it and there were only bean bags on the floor and only two left… right in front of the jackets. Did I mention that it was raining like shit just before we got in? We still decided to sit by the jackets. A decision that was linked with annoyance. Anyways… we learned that Armenia is big in cognac, and Ararat was apparently Winston Churchill’s favorite. Even Stalin apparently said once:

Churchill cares more about the next Cognac delivery from Armenia than about the war

I absolutely dislike Cognac but hey, If Churchill likes it, should be good!?

So I ordered a shot of Five Star Ararat, five star meaning that it aged for five years. The shot I orderd was served in a snifter and looked amber brown. The first smell gave me the shivers. It smelled just like I expected it, disgusting. It was a bit sweet with an overwhelming almondish amaretto-like odor. So I got over it and had a sip. It was a bit sweet, strong and just breath taking (not in a good way). I felt it running down my chest. It took me a while and it got worse and worse but at the end the glass was finished. Churchill was a great man with no taste.


The Breakdown

Alcoholic punch

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