365 Drinks: #8 Csupor Tántorgó ParIPA (Hungary)

Csupor Tantorgo ParIPA

Great to wash down all those palinkas

After two nights of heavy drinking and the failure with the unicum from yesterday I decided to take it a bit easier and have a beer. If you want to brew your own beer, apparently you can rent out space in a brewery in Budapest and try your luck. So a friend of a friend quit his job and did that. The outcome is Csupor beer, a local new brewing team. Not a lot of places sell the beer yet, so we had to go on a mission to find it. After fighting our ways through the crowded streets of Budapest on a Saturday, we arrived in the back of a bar where we found a little van that sold Csupor beer. The only sort available was IPA…. Not that much of a fan but must be better than the crap from yesterday. So I tried their ParIPA (the Hungarian word for steed).

The beer is really cloudy and has a sweet and fruity smell.  The taste was nice with a hint of sourness, almost comparable to a cider or old school tutti frutti hubba bubba chewing gum. It was good to drink, but I think I couldn’t do more than two pints of it in one night. Overall a solid comeback for the beers. It would be cool to try their other brews but we are getting out of Budapest today.

Farewell, Budapest! Over three nights of drinking I think we put away more than 365!!


The Breakdown

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