365 Drinks: #80 Dogwood Vodka (Armenia)


Yo ho ho! Cool abandoned funfair near where we bought the vodka

We had an exiting day driving around the Armenian mountains near the Iranian border. We picked up some hitch hikers and visited the famous Tatev monastery. Unfortunately we were surrounded by thick fog and couldn’t see far. Arriving in the city we picked for our last night in Armenia we ran into troubles. We didn’t manage to get a accommodation. So after some time of driving and moping around, a nice hotel owner allowed us to camp in their garden. Lucky us. And finally time to drink. Today, Dogwood vodka that I bought in Sinain, a small former Soviet industrial town with an abandoned amusement park.

The vodka was clear and had a sweet quite fragrant rakia smell. The taste was quite harsh at the beginning and not really easy to drink. It is also bitter, not really smooth and it left a long lasting alcohol taste in my mouth. At least it had 40% and was less that £1. Shit drink… but easy way to get super drunk for no money.

And what the fark does Dogwood actually taste like?


The Breakdown

Alcoholic punch

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