365 Drinks: #82 Francesco Lion Merlot (Iran)

Francesco Lion 2008 Merlot
Francesco Lion 2008 Merlot

Not Iranian but…

Iran is exhausting. We planned to stay in Tabriz after we crossed the border but apparently me and Semi weren’t allowed to stay at the same hotel. A first glance of great Iranian ruling. So we made our way down to Teheran. Fortunately not every Iranian is against drinking. But I had to bend the “has to be local” rule a bit. Since alcohol is strictly forbidden in Iran and it was already hard to get our hands on any alcohol, I think I can be forgiven. So here is my first drink! WOOOO.

An exquisite imported (probably on donkeys over the Iraqi border) French red wine, Francesco Lion 2008 Merlot. It was light red colored and had a slight sweet and sour smell. At other circumstances it would have tasted worse but to find a “forbidden” bottle of wine made it so much better. It was quite sour at the beginning with a smoother end. The aftertaste lasted long and was a bit sour going into slight bitterness. It was 13%, perfect for the moment and (surprise surprise) we finished the whole 1 liter bottle.


The Breakdown

Alcoholic punch

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  1. sam af

    Hi. Just came across your article. To correct your info, this a Lebanese red wine and indeed smuggled over the mountains from Iraq. Cheers!
    Sam (alcoholic beverages importer in Iraq)

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