365 Drinks: #83 Homemade Arak (Iran)

Homemade Arag
Homemade Arag

The sand peoples’ favorite drink

Another day in Iran. Facebook is blocked, my news apps are blocked even if I try to download some software for work… blocked. Semi got told off in a metro station that her hijab is not appropriately covering her hair. What a great country. But to be fair, all people we had the chance to talk to for a while were fun-loving people that always told us, “We are not like the government”. And it is true, I have never seen a country with more people knowing about proxys and vpns than Iran. And even myob is common. So I proudly present for today’s drink of the day, homemade arak.

Arak is a grape spirit compared to grape rakia or Georgian cha-cha, and this one had an extra add-on. It was left in the sun for one and a half weeks longer with sliced Iranian baby lemons. The outcome is fantastic. It had a lemon smell and was slightly yellow which reminded me of my favourite tea from Germany. The taste was quite sour with a slight alcoholic aftertaste. It was truly great and even though alcohol is forbidden, some people in Iran know what they are doing when it comes to making alcohol.


The Breakdown

Alcoholic punch

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