365 Drinks: #84 Apollo White Nights Vodka (Iran)

White nights vodka
White nights vodka

Hungover beduine

So another day in Tehran, this time sightseeing. We saw one of the Shahs’ palaces, tried to find the world famous office machine museum (didn’t succeed 🙁 ) and just wandered around the streets. It is a buzzing town with loads of people. And although there are foreigners, I (being quite tall and super white) stick out everywhere and people are interested in where you are from and why you visit Iran, followed by the obligatory question, “How do you like my country?”. We finished the evening with the best burgers you can find in town. A successful day that had to be finished with some booze. Today’s drink is rather fancy.

Apollo White Nights Vodka. A Belgium top-notch donkey-imported vodka that has a Teheran retail price of $160 per 1l bottle. It smelled sweetish with a distinct alcohol odour. The taste was a bit harsh to begin with but got mild and sweet after a while. We worked on the bottle shot by shot and the vodka became smoother and smoother. At the end of the night we finished the whole bottle and I had my first wasted night in Iran.


The Breakdown

Alcoholic punch

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