365 Drinks: #85 Homemade Arak II (Iran)

Homemade Arak
Homemade Arak

Even had an Austrian flag in his room

Today we made our way down to Isfahan. We arrived quite late and unfortunately the Couchsurfer we wanted to meet was out of town. Fortunately he hooked us up with a friend that has a spare room. Well everything was not as easy as it sounds. There was a mixup over whether the room was free or not, and that we have to wait for a couple of hours to get the key. We were super tired and just didn’t want to go for a hotel hunt after Tabriz so we agreed. While we were waiting, another Couchsurfer who couldn’t host us wanted to meet up so he picked us up and brought us to his place. Fun ahead.

First thing, that dude spoke English with a forced Aussie accent (and sometimes Irish?) and he spoke German with an Austrian accent. Second thing, he was Iranian but gave himself a weird German name. Also to mention his hyperactive movements and regular word spasms. All funny to begin with but hard to handle after more than five minutes. Anyway, we went to his place and had Armenian arak. WOHOO.

It was clear with a hint of yellow in it. The smell was sweetish with the obligatory alcohol note. The drink itself tasted sweet and pretty smooth. Apparently the alcohol content was between 30 and 35 so not as strong as the other grape vodka we had so far. I only had a little glass but wished I could have had a lot more because in that situation we needed it.

P.S: The room situation turned out better than expected. We had two nice days with a bunch of crazy and nice Iranians in Isfahan.


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