365 Drinks: #86 Homemade Isfahan Arak (Iran)

Carpet Arak
Carpet Arak

Full cup, On the floor, Everybody do the Dinosaur

A day of sightseeing in beautiful Isfahan. Mosques, a palace and a stunning bazaar (that was half closed due to a public holiday). While wandering around the bazaar to meet up with a friend we passed loads of carpet shops and since Semi has carpets in her bloodstream, we had to visit more than one. Of course not unnoticed by the local carpet dealer and his younger companion that spoke pretty good English. We somehow came to the topic Couchsurfing and our little friend was keen to do whatever we wanted for a good reference. He followed us over half the bazaar until we finally told him that we won’t give him a reference and voila, he was gone.

So off to the friend we actually wanted to meet, at the shop he worked in. He invited us for lunch, kebabs accompanied by homemade arak, number three for us. Our friend was still hungover from the day before as he told us so he recommended only to have four or five shots, and poured the first one. It smelled nicely sweet and not too much like rubbing alcohol. Downing the first was very nice. Not much of an aftertaste and only a slight burning sensation a the beginning. I asked him for the potency of the drink but he couldn’t tell me. My guess is about 35-40%. Needless to say that we finished the bottle before we said goodbye and continued our trip through the city.

This was unfortunately our last drink in Iran meaning I couldn’t fill up all days in Iran with a delicious drink, but I will catch up the missed days with more drinks and especially disgusting ones as punishment.


The Breakdown

Alcoholic punch

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