365 Drinks: #88 Turkmenistan Serdar (Turkmenistan)

Turkmenistan Serdar
Turkmenistan Serdar

White marble city and shit vodka

After we left Iran and entered Turkmenistan on our five day visa, we decided to slow down and enjoy some luxury. We checked in the Grand Turkmen Hotel for two nights. A wise decision. The bed was super nice and fluffy, it had a bathtub(!!!) and ok-ish wifi (compared to Iran). For us it was brilliant. The location was pretty good to check out the surrounding city center with it’s huge monuments and white marble buildings. Not to forget all the ladies with their Africanesque clothing style. We even found a small bazaar where even little grains were laid out symmetrical to look nice. I also managed to find some booze. Turkmenistan Serday, some kind of arak. At least that’s what I thought.

It had an awesome looking bottle and was clear. I opened the bottle and poured me a big glass. The smell was awfully strong like the worst vodka you can imagine. The taste was similar bad. Just a strong alcohol flavor, finished with a long lasting disgusting aftertaste. I realized that it was actually vodka in my glass. I think that stuff would have gotten me drunk, but since it was so disgusting, I only could have a little bit of it (that’s why the rating for alcoholic punch is so low). One way or the other, I think this is the worst vodka I ever had.


The Breakdown

Alcoholic punch

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